2015 USSMA Points

The USSMA is pleased to publish the 2015 Points and Rankings System. The USSMA Points List is based on the ISMF World Cup Point classification as outlined in Section 2.1 of the “ISMF Sporting and Ranking Rules”. The goal of the Points List is to provide an accurate measurement tool for competitors’ results. Certified USSMA events will mean better courses, better racing and more points for competitors. The points and ranking system is described in the included description document.

Point List Purpose:

  1. To rank competitors according to their performances.
  2. To ensure events are rated accordingly (HC-3) to the quality of the course and competitors entered, thereby providing a uniform ranking system for all results within USSMA events.
  3. To encourage competitors to compete in an as many USSMA events as possible.
  4. To encourage event promoters to improve quality of their course.
  5. To be used as a selection tool for National Team teams and camps.

In 2015, event promoters wishing to host a USSMA event will have their courses certified at a USSMA level of HC, 1,2, or 3. Competitors wishing to score points will be required to buy a day-of or season license.  License feels will go toward paying for the administering of the points system and licenses.  For 2015, the license fee payment is optional, but will be required in 2016.

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