2017 USSMA Points

The USSMA is pleased to publish the 2017 Points and Rankings System. The USSMA Points List is based on the ISMF World Cup Point classification as outlined in Section 2.1 of the “ISMF Sporting and Ranking Rules”. The goal of the Points List is to provide an accurate measurement tool for competitors’ results.  The points and ranking system is described in the included description document.

Point List Purpose:

  1. To rank competitors according to their performances.
  2. To ensure events are rated accordingly (HC-3) to the quality of the course and competitors entered, thereby providing a uniform ranking system for all results within USSMA events.
  3. To encourage competitors to compete in an as many USSMA events as possible.
  4. To encourage event promoters to improve quality of their course.

Competitors wishing to score points will be required to obtain a USSMA license.  For 2017, a USSMA license is free.  Click here to apply for a license.  The license is used to identify you as a racer and will be required on registrations for events if you are in the race/elite category.  In future years a fee may be required to help pay for the administering of the points system and licenses.

2016/2017 USSMA Points Races

HC Races

  • Northwest Passage US Qualifier - Individual
  • Wasatch Powder Keg:
    • Individual
    • Technical Teams
  • US Nationals:
    • Santa Fe Fireball
    • Taos Rio Hondo Raid
  • Heathen Challenge, Sunlight US Qualifier - Team

Category 1 Races

  • Irwin Guides/Griggs Orthopedics
  • Five Peaks
  • Power of Four
  • Crested Butte:
    • Individual
    • Teams
  • Shedhorn
  • Tellurando

Category 2 Races

  • Wolf Creek
  • Berkshire East
  • Burke
  • Jay Peak Rando Race
  • Sunday River Rando Race
  • Cody's Challenge

Category 3 Races

  • Northwest Passage US Teams Qualifier - Vertical
  • Heathen Challenge US Qualifier - Sprint
  • Powder Keg - Sprint
  • Crested Butte - Vertical
  • Santa Fe Fireball US Nationals - Vertical
  • Bromley Mountain Rando Race
  • Eldora Rando Return
  • Powderhorn
  • Whitefish Whiteout
  • Monarch
  • Pico
  • Wildcat
  • Whiteface
  • Sugarbush
  • Mt Abram
  • Crotched Mountain


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