I hope this note finds you all well, you've enjoyed another great summer, and are ramping up for the upcoming winter season!
On August 24th, I emailed out a summer update and posted it to the USSMA website.  I hope that most of you received the email and are aware of the information I communicated (if your not already, sign up for our newsletter).  Because there are some changes with the growth of the sport and the USSMA, I'm reaching out again with some additional information.


In regard to races, the USSMA is focused on providing Race Director's / LOC’s guidance, resources, and tools to put on a high-quality races which will attract participants.  Participants will, in turn, get a high-quality race experience which follows consistent ISMF/USSMA modeled race formats and rules.  A new Race Director packed was created and distributed to Race Directors and they will be required to apply for USSMA sanctioning and to be included in the National Cup Series.  If you haven't already, please be sure to read all the information on the website under Race & Events.  
Race Directors - Please be sure to submit race sanctioning applications as soon as possible.
The 2018 North American Championships will be in Canada this season.  Ken Jones Classic – March 23, 24, 25 2018, Lake Louise. SPRINT, INDIVIDUAL, TEAMS.  Mark your calendars!
I hope to see you all out racing this season!  


Beyond racing, there is much the USSMA needs to do to get organized to support a sport with a path to the Olympics.  Much of my focus over the summer has been on getting the USSMA organized and ready to move forward.  This includes establishing official bylaws, getting our 501c3 status reinstated, and applying to the USOC to become the official US National Governing Body in preparation for the 2020 Youth Olympic Games and hopefully 2022 Beijing Olympics.
As for the bylaws, I've been working with the USOC in order to meet their important requirements for NGB's and have been fortunate enough to secure the assistance of a great attorney that previously worked for them.  USSMA bylaws have now been officially adopted, as of September 25th, 2017.  It's a long time coming and will help facilitate our growth forward.   
Please take a look at the About USSMA page on the website where you can find a link to the bylaws.  
The bylaws provide appropriate organizational structure for us as we develop into a true National Governing Body.  With this structure there are many committees and roles that will need to be filled, starting with a Nominating and Governance Committee.  It will take some time to get all committes filled and up and running, but I'm excited to have the structure established to facilitate moving us forward.
Please reach out to me if you have any interest in participating on any of the committees or want to assist in any capacity.
The USSMA board has put in a lot of effort over the summer to position ourselves to support the growth of the sport and our road to the Olympics.  I look forward to continued progress and participation from our skimo community.
Bring on the snow!  Ram

Summer Greetings from the USSMA!

Summer Greetings!!!

While many of you have kids returning to school already, don't forget summer doesn't end until September 22nd.  That means you still have plenty of time to run, bike, hike, and play before the winter skimo season begins.

That said, the USSMA board and others have been working over the summer on many items.  Updates below...

2020 Youth Olympic Games

If you haven't heard already, in July the International Olympic Committee announced ski mountaineering will be included in the 2020 Lausanne Youth Olympic Games!  This is very exciting and keeping the trajectory of hopefully becoming included in the 2022 Olympics. 

ISMF Press Release

With this the USSMA has continued discussions with the USOC and we continue to plan and work toward developing and supporting Olympic athletes in the future.  If you know of a young athlete who will be in the 17-18 age range in 2020 and are interested in the possibility of competing in the Youth Olympic Games, please contact me and Joe Howdyshell (National Team Coach). /

Race Sanctioning and Info

Updates and new documentation have been created for USSMA Race Sanctioning and USSMA role in races.

If you are a member / racer, race director, race location, or associated in any way to racing, please review the info.  There is something for everyone to learn and understand as we continue to develop our race support around our growing sport. 

Please remember, the USSMA does NOT put on races.  The USSMA is the governing body of the sport, which provides Race Directors and local organizing committees guidance, resources, and tools to put on well orgnaized races that follow ISMF/USSMA rules and regulations.  USSMA race sanctioning provides race directors the opportunity to partner with the USSMA in which they agree to follow rules and regulations set forth by the USSMA with a goal of providing consistent high-quality race experiences for participants.

Please check out the updated Race Sanctioning information on the new web page.

Highlighted Updates for the 2017-18 Season

  • Age Divisions have been updated to be more in sync with the ISMF.  Sanctioned races will follow the new format.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the new age divisions.
  • Only USSMA sanctioned races will be included in the Points Sereis.
  • There will be a USSMA 2018 National Cup Series.  The National Cup Series will include a small subset of USSMA sanctioned races that are meant to showcase the sport and promote its growth.  The concept is to attract as many participants as possible to compete in each of the series races in an attempt to earn the top ranking of combined race performances.  At the end of the season, the USSMA will provide award medals to the top 3 male and female athletes for Individual, Sprint, and Vertical races.  Races will need to apply for sanctioning and inclusion in the National Cup Series and will need to meet a number of requirements.
  • Starting in the 2017/18 season, a USSMA Membership license will be REQUIRED to participate in USSMA sanctioned Races. Annual USSMA license will be available for purchase online SOON.  Cost will be $40.  Once you have purchased the membership you will be provided a license number that will be required for registration of USSMA sanctioned races.  As a part of the membership you will accumulate points for the national rankings determined by USSMA sanctioned races.  We will be working on additional member benefits, so stay tuned!

The 2017-18 Race schedule is quickly filling in.  In the coming weeks, most races will be included, so please be sure to check it out and start planning!

Please direct Race related questions me and Nick Francis (Race Chair). /

There continues to be a lot going on with the USSMA, ISMF, and the growth of the sport in general.  We are excited about the road ahead and look forward to the upcoming season.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and start training for the race season!

USSMA Spring Update

Greetings from the USSMA! 

April is upon us and with it Spring skiing is now in full force.  We hope you are taking advantage of the longer days, warmer temps and a conditioned body (through skimo Racing of course) to enjoy this great time of year!

For many of us the skimo race season has ended. There are however, still a few great races on the calendar (see below).  Whether you’re still racing or you’ve moved on to other activities, the USSMA wants to thank everyone for a great season.  What a season it was!  In gathering data for an International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) survey, we counted almost 100 ski mountaineering races in the US this season.  The growth of our sport is undeniable and statistics like this are indicative of the direction the sport is heading.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone that has raced, directed, volunteered, hosted, supported, cheered and participated in a skimo race or event in any way, shape or form.  You are the reason the sport is growing and you are the reason we have been successful.


USSMA AAC Survey Results

Earlier this season the USSMA Athlete Advisory Council distributed a survey to all USSMA members and other skimo participants.  In receiving the results of this survey the USSMA obtained incredibly valuable information from well over 100 racers.  The USSMA is in the process of addressing the results of the survey and working ways to create actionable steps forward to address the issues, concerns and interests of all skimo athletes.  In the interim, here are a few statistics to digest:

       Over 90% of participants are willing to pay between $25-$50 for an annual USSMA membership to help promote, grow and govern the sport of skimo in the United States.

       As benefits for USSMA membership, survey participants would like to receive (choosing their top 2) Clinics (65%), Education (45%) and Retail discounts (47%).

       The majority of skimo athletes identify as athletes from trail running (68%), mountain biking (44%), sport climbing (24%), and road biking (17%).

       To help grow the sport, people felt the USSMA should have more videos and hands on clinics in order to teach people about the sport.  Short, fun videos and clinics with National Team/Coaches will help promote and grow the sport. 

       To attract more beginners, the USSMA should have more non-competitive skimo events, non-competitive races, kids races, and beginner only clinics.

       The top reasons people participate in skimo races is to ski beautiful terrain (81%) and go hard and fast (74%) and to socialize (50%). 

        65% of participants consider the National Points and Race Series important to them.

       The biggest challenges for racers are course marking (74%), poor information dissemination (45%) and poor or no skin tracks (29%).

       The preponderance of those surveyed would like to see World Championship team qualifying races in Colorado (54%) and Utah (47%) followed by Wyoming (18%) and Vermont (17%).

       Most people get their USSMA news via emails,, Facebook in that order.  And 75% of those surveyed follow USSMA on some sort of social media.  

The USSMA is committed to its members (present and future) and is addressing the results of the survey with the intention to invoke changes and adjustments where necessary in order to meet member desires. 


From the Race Department

The season is nearing an end, but there are still a few big events on the calendar in the coming weeks and months.

       Father Dyer Postal Route Race - 4/8 Leadville, CO

       Beartooth Basin Summer Shredfest - 6/17 Beartooth Pass, MT (west of Redlodge)

2017/18 National Points Series rankings have now been posted! Click here to see results!


A Glimpse at Next Season

The USSMA National Race Series will return next season and planning has already begun.  With the absence of the World Championships the National Race Series will be the focal point of the race scene.  The USSMA intends to ensure these races are top notch, fun, challenging and competitive.  We'll also be reviewing the points series to ensure it's a competitive and fair ranking system.


Organizational Structure

The USSMA is establishing new bylaws that will align the governing body with the requirements outlined by the US Olympic Committee (USOC) to ensure the USSMA is recognized as the official sports organization aligned as a USOC member.  Furthermore, the USSMA is routinely in contact with the ISMF to ensure skimo racing in the U.S. is in compliance with ISMF standards and regulations.  As the sport progresses towards Olympic status we can assure all USSMA members that USA Ski Mountaineering will be amongst the first to know and implement new policies and regulations to ensure athletic and organizational compliance.


Budget and Fundraising

With the vision to grow the sport and the dream of a US Skimo Olympic Team in mind, the USSMA has begun establishing a budget to support such an endeavor.  As you might imagine this is not easy nor does it amount to a small budget, but dreams are not worth dreaming if they’re not big.  The USSMA is dreaming big and therefore has people actively soliciting sponsorships and donations in order to underwrite our lofty objectives.  We anticipate establishing relationships with sponsors that will enable the USSMA to financially support, in parts, a National Team, Developmental Clinics and other such ventures that will grow the sport and improve our international standing. 


Marketing and Outreach

The USSMA wants to improve communication to ensure you have the information you need to race, learn, socialize and participate in any and all skimo events across the U.S.  With this, we hope to update our website ( over the summer.  However, with limited resources to enable such an upgrade we are seeking out individuals with web development skills that would be interested in volunteering to assist with this important task?  If this is something you would like to assist with please reach out to



The people have spoken! The word is that the people want more from the USSMA and are willing to give more to get more.  The USSMA is working toward defining the best ways we can add value to membership and plan to roll out a new annual license program for next season that is beneficial to the members and the organization.  Stay tuned.


In Closing

Its been an incredible year.  It started in August with the IOC’s announcement of Skimo’s possible place in the Olympic Games.  It continued on through World Team qualifiers and the National Championships along with all the other races and events across the country.  It carried on through USA’s best ever 6th Place finish at the World Championships.  And now the season has brought us into and through the Spring. Stay tuned for announcements and news that will impact your training, scheduling and uphill lifestyles!

Have a great Spring!


World Championships Wrap Up


Piancavallo, Italy.  The 2017 World Championships of Ski Mountaineering have come to a close in Tambre/Piancavallo, Italy.  Team USA wrapped up the championships with strong performances in the Sprint and Vertical races before closing out the event during the Team Relay event.  Team USA finished 6th in the overall team standings – its highest ever finish at the World Championships.  


The highlight of the final days of competition and perhaps the entire Championships came when Quinn Simmons collected a bronze medal in the Cadet Sprint Race.  Simmons, 15, Durango, CO, turned in two strong performances – first in the qualifying round where he achieved the second fastest time and then in the semifinals where he won his heat – in route to qualifying for the finals.  Amongst a highly competitive field, Simmons started strong and was the first competitor to the top if the diamond before being overcome on the bootpack.  The fifteen year old Coloradan hung on tough during the last stages of the race to cross the line third.  Simmons’ performance made him the first American male of any age to medal at the World Championships.  

Also competing in the Sprint races on Monday were, in the Cadet Girls category, Morgan Fortin, and in the Cadet Boys category, Henry Haines and Henry Boyd and in Junior Boys category, Ian Clarke, all of whom narrowly missed out on qualifying beyond the preliminary round.  

In the Senior Women category, three of four Americans made it to the quarterfinal round, Jessie Young, Najeeby Quinn, and Michela Adrian.  Anne Gonzales just missed out on qualifying despite a strong performance.  

For the American Men Eric Carter was able to move beyond the qualifying round and into the quarterfinals in an incredibly talented field.  Carter hung tough in his quarterfinal heat, but ultimately missed out on moving into the semis.  Max Taam, Rory Kelly, Scott Archer and Cam Smith all skied well and showed incredible resiliency and toughness throughout the day as freezing rain blanketed athletes and the course.


Photos: Mark Smiley


Tuesday brought better weather and the Vertical Race.  First across the line for Team USA was Morgan Fortin in the Cadet Girls field.  She was followed by Quinn Simmons in the Cadet Boys.  Simmons finished 9th in a strong performance following the previous days effort.  Henry Boyd and Henry Haines were next across the line in the Cadet Boys race in solid 17th and 18th place finishes.  The cadets covered 485 vertical meters during the race.  

The Senior Women and Men along with the Junior Boys started further down the mountain and had to cover 560 vertical meters to cross the finish.  Kristi Knecht of Flagstaff, AZ, started strong and finished even stronger passing five competitors along the final 300 feet to finish 15th with a time of 32:20.  Knecht led the US Women across the line with Janelle Smiley, Jessie Young and Nikki Larochelle following her in 20th, 25th and 28th respectively.  In the Senior Men’s race no one was able to keep up with Killian Jornet of Spain but American John Gaston, Aspen, CO, was not far off.  Gaston continued a great performance at these World’s by finishing in 11th place with a time of 25:49.  Not far behind him were Mike Foote, Eric Carter, Tom Goth and Cam Smith coming in 26th, 27th, 36th and 43rd.  Ian Clarke competed in the Junior Boys field and again raced strong in his first ever Vertical Race.


Photos: Mark Smiley


Wednesday brought the final day of competition.  Amidst bright sunshine the Team Relay played out with US Teams racing strong against the world’s best.  A mixed Cadet Girls, Cadet Boys and Junior Boys team saw Morgan Fortin, Ian Clarke and Quinn Simmons ski strong in icy morning conditions.  The Senior Women’s Team of Janelle Smiley, Najeeby Quinn and Jessie Young stayed with the lead pack for much of the race ultimately finishing in 8th place.  The Senior Men’s Team of Max Taam, Mike Foote, Rory Kelly and John Gaston played leapfrog with a few nations throughout the race before finishing in 8th.  The relay consisted of a 80 meter ascent, a 70 meter descent, a 85 meter ascent through the Sprint course and ending in a 85 meter descent.    


Photos: Mark Smiley


In the overall competition Italy was able to hold on to the top spot despite a strong performance by the Swiss on the final day.  Switzerland came in 2nd followed by France, Spain, Austria and then the USA.  Russia, Germany, and Andorra rounded out the top nine.

After eight days of elite competition, difficult conditions and trying weather Team USA is ready to relax, recoup and celebrate a great World Championships.  Team USA’s performance has caught the attention of all the nations competing here in Italy.  The 25 athletes that competed along with the staff and support crew of friends, families and spouses proudly represented USA Ski Mountaineering and is excited about a bright and successful future for USA Skimo.  

Click her for more great photos by Mark Smiley.

Go USA and Ski Uphill!


2/27/17 World Championships Update

We are half way through the world championships and everything is going great.  Team USA is in 5th place in the overall Nation Rankings!!!  This is the highest team USA has been in a world championships and we'll be fighting to the end. 

The individual and teams races we in a backcountry setting outside the town of Tambre.  The snow conditions have been a bit grim but the local organizing committee and the ISMF have done a great job at altering the courses to put on the races.  It's resulted in some technical races that have kept racers on point.

Photo Credit: Mark Smiley

More great photos by Mark Smiley

Below are the US athlete results for the Individual and Team races from the first three days of competition.

Individual Senior Men

John Gaston 15th

Eric Carter 26th

Tom Goth 36th

Mike Foote 46th

 Espior Men

Cam Smith 13th

 Individual Senior Women

Jesse Young 13th

Janelle Smiley 21st

Lindsay Plant 32nd

Nikki LaRochelle 36th

Individual Junior Men

Ian Clarke 23rd

Individual Cadet Men

Quinn Simmons 11th

Henry Hanes 16th

Henry Boyd 17th

Individual Cadet Women

Morgan Fortin 7th

Teams Senior Men

John Gaston / Max Taam 11th

Teague Holmes / Jon Brown 16th

Eric Carter / Tom Goth DNF (broken ski)

Scott Simmons / Paul Hamilton  DNF

Teams Senior Women

Janelle Smiley / Jessie Young 4th!

Lindsay Plant / Nikki LaRochelle 8th

Najeeby Quinn / Michela Adrian 9th

Kristi Knecht / Anne Gonzales 12th

Today we transferred to the Piancavallo ski resort / town, about an hour and a half to the east.  The setting here is more lively with people alpine skiing.  Athletes are previewing the sprint and vertical courses and preparing for the next few days of racing.

Up next is the Sprint race on Tuesday, followed by the Vertical on Wednesday, and the Relay on Thursday.  

Ciao for now!


Ski Mountaineering World Championship in Alpago-Piancavallo

The US National Team is headed to the Ski Mountaineering World Championship in Alpago-Piancavallo Italy next week.

The team of 25 athletes and 3 staff have begun making their way to Italy to represent the US at the highest level of the sport.

Event Website:

Get to know the US National Team:

Over the next week we'll continue to post pictures and information about the athletes and races.

Stay tuned and cheer on the USSMA Athletes!

2017 US National Champions

Senior Open Men: John Gaston

Senior Open Women: Kristi Knecht

Vet Men 45+: Mike Englehardt

Vet Women 45+: Andrea Koenig

U18 Men: Henry Hanes

U18 Women: Morgan Fortin

Senior Open Men: John Gaston

Senior Open Women: Jessie Young

Vet Men 45+: Jamie Kilcoyne

Vet Women 45+: Anne Gonzales

U18 Men: Henry Hanes

U18 Women: Morgan Fortin

Senior Open Men: John Gaston

Senior Open Women: Janelle Smiley

U23 College Men: Arthur Whitehead

U18 Men: Henry Hanes

Senior Open Men: John Gaston / Max Taam

Senior Open Women: Janelle Smiley / Jessie Young

CO-ED Open: Aisha Weinhold / Steve Denny

Athlete Advisory Council - Winter 2017 Survey

Skimo Athletes:

Hope you have enjoyed the fantastic snow that has been piling up this season.  Please take a moment to share your voice and suggestions to join and help us make US Skimo even better!  This is your chance to contribute to better races, a deeper field, more fun and inclusive events.  Let us know what we can all do together to step it up!



Teague Holmes / Jannel Smiley
USSMA Athlete Advisors

2017 National Team

Announcing the 2017 National Team:
Thank you to everyone that participated in qualifying races.  We had some great turn outs and battles and I hope everyone had a great time.
2017 US National Team: 
(Listed in alphabetical order.)
Senior Women
Michel Adrian
Jaime Brede 
Anne Gonzales
Kristi Knecht
Nikki LaRochelle
Lindsay Plant
Najeeby Quinn
Janelle Smiley
Jesse Young 
Senior Men
Scott Archer
Jon Brown
Eric Carter
Mike Foote
John Gaston
Tom Goth
Paul Hamilton
Teague Holmes
Rory Kelly
Scott Simmons
Max Taam
Espoir Men (21-23yrs)
Cam Smith
Junior Men (18-20yrs)
Ian Clarke
Cadet Women (15-17yrs)
Morgan Fortin
Cadet Men (15-17yrs)
Henry Boyd
Henry Haines
Quinn Simmons
The team will be representing the US next month at the ISMF Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Italy from February 23 – March 2.  
Congratulations to the 2017 US National Team!  We wish you the best at Worlds!

USSMA January 12th Update

US World Championships Team - Sunlight Qualifying Races
The second qualifying event weekend will be held this weekend at Sunlight Mountain, January 14th and 15th.  Be sure to check the COSMIC website for race details and registration.  While the USSMA will be on hand to inspect and review courses and assist with marshaling, the races are put on by the COSMIC team.
Sprint Selection Criteria:
The top 4 men and women finishers at the Heathen Challenge Sprint event will qualify for the worlds sprint event.
Teams Selection Criteria:
The top 8 men and women finishers at the Heathen Challenge Individual event will qualify for the worlds teams event.
Individual Selection Criteria:
The fourth and final slot for the individual event will be awarded to the top male and female finisher at the Heathen Challenge event that did not qualify at Northwest Passage. 
Athletes who qualify for the World Championship team will be notified immediately after the Sunlight weekend, with an official invitation sent out 1/17/17, and will have one week to either confirm or deny their spot on the world championship team.  
Good luck and have fun racing!
2017 USSMA Points 
The USSMA is pleased to publish the 2017 Points and Rankings System. The USSMA Points List is based on the ISMF World Cup Point classification as outlined in Section 2.1 of the “ISMF Sporting and Ranking Rules”. The goal of the Points List is to provide an accurate measurement tool for competitors’ results. Check out the points page to see a list of Points Races.
Competitors wishing to score points will be required to obtain a USSMA license.  For 2017, a USSMA license is free.  Click here to apply for a license.  The license is used to identify you as a racer and will be required on registrations for events if you are in the race/elite category.  Updated points rankings will be posted on the website next week. 
USSMA 2017 Planning Continued – Areas of Focus
In my last communication I shared with you the areas of focus we have identified.  Since then we have identified teams and leaders of each area of focus and have plans and next steps in place to drive each forward.  
Below is a summary of the 2016-17 USSMA Areas of Focus.  Each focus area has been prioritized, has an officer team lead, and supporting USSMA board/team participants.  They will also be soliciting racers and others who have expertise in these areas and are willing to provide input or assist.  If there are areas of focus that you would like to get involved in please let me know and I'll inform the team leads so they can reach out to you. 
Going forward, I will be soliciting status updates from team leads on a monthly basis.  I will consolidate the updates and communicate them out to the greater board / team.  I will also be holding monthly officer board meetings and communicate out meeting minutes.  And, of course, provide ongoing updates to the race community.
My intent is to be transparent and keep communication frequent and open as we work together as a team to accomplish our goals.
2016-17 USSMA Areas of Focus
Organizational Structure
Priority Level: High
Leader: Ram Mikulas
Participants: Matt Hickey, Nick Francis, Chad Brackelsberg, Jonah Adley
  • Establish non-profit status and EIN, including official bylaws and operating structure.
  • Create an Internal Communication strategy.
Priority Level: High
Leader: Nick Francis
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Chad Brackelsberg, Pete Swenson
  • Review existing budget and begin building out a more formal one to include all new initiatives.
Fund Raising
Priority Level: High
Leader: Matt Hickey
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Nick Francis, Joe Howdyshell, Pete Swenson, Joe Risi
  • Review existing strategy / plan and determine next steps.  
  • Initiate a Sponsorship strategy / plan and determine next steps.
Priority Level: High
Leader: Chad Brackelsberg
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Matt Hickey, Nick Francis, Pete Swenson
  • Review existing engagement strategy / plan and determine next steps.
External Communication and Marketing
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Ram Mikulas
Participants: Matt Hickey, Nick Francis, Chad Brackelsberg, Joe Howdyshell, Evan Johnson, Teague Holmes, Joe Risi, Youth Rep TBD
  • Develop and implement communications plans for racers, press/media, race directors, etc.
  • Review website, social media, email campaigns, etc.
PRO2022 (Project 2022) &Youth Development
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Pete Swenson / Joe Howdyshell
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Matt Hickey, Chad Brackelsberg, Teague Holmes, Janelle Smiley, Stevie Thomson, Joe Risi, Rhett Griggs, Youth Rep TBD
  • Review existing strategy / plan, next steps, and ongoing execution and communication.
  • Get all board members up to speed on the vision, strategy, and plan.
  • Communicate externally to the race community.
US Coaching Development
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Joe Howdyshell
Participants: Chad Brackelsberg, Pete Swenson, Teague Holmes, Janelle Smiley
  • Review existing strategy / plan and determine next steps.
  • Identify and train coaches to teach the PRO2022 camps.
  • Identify and schedule all 2017 camps.
  • Review next steps and ongoing execution and communication.
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Nick Francis
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Matt Hickey, Chad Brakelsberg, Pete Swenson, Jerimy Arnold, Joe Risi, Jonathan Shefftz, Jeff Rivest, Eric Bunce
  • Review USSMA role in working with and assisting races and events.
  • Review Race Director support strategy and plan.
  • Communication and execution of 2017 Points System.  And, review opportunities for future enhancements/changes.
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Chad Brackelsberg
  • Participants: Ram Mikulas, Matt Hickey, Nick Francis, Joe Howdyshell
  • Review and execution of 2017 plan.  Traveling USSMA staff: Chad, Ram, Matt, Joe
  • Review existing strategy and determine future changes.
National Team 
Priority Level: Medium
Leader: Joe Howdyshell
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Matt Hickey, Nick Francis, Chad Brackelsberg, Pete Swenson, Teague Holmes, Rhett Griggs
  • Execution of 2017 selection and Worlds participation plan.
  • Review opportunities to expand definition and participation of the team for 2017 and beyond.
  • Also associated with PRO2022.
Athlete Advisory
Priority Level: Low
Leader: Matt Hickey
Athlete Advisors: Teague Holmes, Janelle Smiley
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Stevie Thomson
  • Review existing athlete representation strategy and determine future changes.
Priority Level: Low
Leader: Matt Hickey
Participants: Ram Mikulas, Nick Francis, Chad Brackelsberg, Joe Risi, Jonathan Shefftz, Jeff Rivest, Eric Bunce
  • Review existing strategy / plan and determine next steps.  And, review opportunities for future enhancements/changes.
As a big part of this, we will need to ensure we follow the intention of the USSMA and our Vision, Mission, and Goals.    
The US Ski Mountaineering Association is recognized by the ISMF (International Ski Mountaineering Federation) as the governing body of the sport of ski mountaineering in the United States
Vision - Expand the sport of Ski Mountaineering throughout the United States.
Mission - The United States Ski Mountaineering Association (USSMA) sanctions and governs competitive ski mountaineering racing in the US and promotes and fosters recreational ski mountaineering through access, resources, education and community.
Goals – Develop and Grow the sport ~ Compete nationally and internationally ~ Coordinate events: races, development camps, National Team camps, referee camps
Current High Level Primary Focus – Develop the association into a fully functional national sports organization, raise the capital required to support our mission of developing the sport in the USA, and preparing a team for the Olympics.
It's so great to be working with so many passionate people and I look forward to working together as a team to move the sport forward.