Wolf Creek Skimo Race Results

Here are the results of the 15 December Wolf Creek Skimo race.  This was the first race of the 2012-2013 USSMA Points Series.  Check back to the points site in January for updated standings.

For more information about the race, visit the Wolf Creek Skimo Race Site

RACERTIMEPLACEMarshal Thompson2:25:301Brian Wickenhauser2:27:322Scott Simmons2:28:033Ben Kadlec2:37:294Jon Brown2:44:485Janelle Smiley2:46:426 / 1st FemaleScott Archer2:53:117Frank Mapel2:58:488Eric Larson2:59:2610Brian Edmiston2:59:5011Doug Stenclik3:02:0712Shane Sigel3:05:2913Luther Birdzell3:09:2914Jon Miller3:11:0715Lindsay Plant3:12:0616/2nd Female   Rec  Jesse Morehouse3:11:061Greg Peak3:11:162