World Ski Mountaineering Championships - Sprint Race

It was a great day for Team USA. Today was the Sprint Race and the team had a great day.

The sprint race race course was fantastic. I as long in distance with some icy sweeping corners. The US had 9 racers in the sprint

  • Jesse Young
  • McKenna Douglas
  • Jari Kirkland
  • Sarah Cookler
  • Max Tam
  • Matt Burgunder
  • Andy Dorais
  • Colin Cares
  • Rory Kelly

Sprint Course in Champsec

US Women’s Team lined up for the qualifying round start

The racers were able to have a leisurely morning with a 10:30 AM start following the Junior and Cadet divisions. The Sprint Race consists of a time trial style qualification round followed by a 5 heat quarter finals, 2 heat semi-finals, and finals round each with 6 racers. The men’s course had 75M ascent and women’s course had 55M ascent. To get an idea of the speed of the top racers, the winning men’s and women’s time were both 4:13.

Jari Kirkland

Sarah Cookler

The women excited about making the quarter finals

Andy Dorais (finishing 24th overall)

Max Tam on the climb

Max Tam ripping the descent with Matt Burgunder in the background (finishing 30th overall)

Official Sprint Race Results - The US had lots of great finishes with 2 men and 3 women in the top 30.

Saturday is the Vertical Race. The course is fantastic as it winds through the streets of Verbier and then ends at the top of their main gondola. The race does not start until 4pm so the team will have plenty of time to recovery from today and scout out some of the rest of the course.

Views of the Team scouting the Teams Race course today.

USSMA Athlete Representative Results

Thank you to all who voted in the survey for the male and female athlete representative for the USSMA board!  The votes are in, and I am very happy to announce that Janelle Smiley and Teague Holmes will be joining the USSMA board as the male and female representatives.  Both Teague and Janelle are terrific candidates for this position, and together they will bring a wealth of knowledge and a true love of the sport to the USSMA.  These two will serve as the speaking voice of the racing community in decisions made by the USSMA board, and we truly look forward to what they will bring to this organization as we move forward.



World Ski Mountaineering Championships - Day 1

It has been an exciting week so far in Verbier. The Team started trickling in on Sunday. Verbier had been treated to a large storm (over 70 cm) over the weekend so the skiing has been amazing. The avalanche danger has been very high so the touring has been limited to low angle terrain. There have been numerous avalanche accidents and deaths in the last week so you can tell that that people are definitely on edge.

The Opening Ceremonies of the World Champions were today. As usual, there was a large parade of athletes through the village of Verbier followed by the obligatory speeches. Unfortunately, we were all standing outside cold for 2 hours during this. The team had a great day touring the Individual, Vertical and Sprint courses before the ceremony and enjoyed the social atmosphere of the ceremony itself. Everyone is now settled into our hotel in Martigny and getting ready for the next 6 days of very hectic race schedules.

The races that the team will be competing in are as follows:

The overall race schedule is here.

Race Maps/Descriptions

We will continue to blog daily and post to our social media sites during the day. You can follow the US Team on Social Media at

Some photos from today

Scott Simmons skiing 5500’ back down to Le Chable after checking out the Individual Course

Scott flying Old Glory with pride on the streets of Verbier

Team USA in the Parade of Athletes through the village of Verbier

The St Bernard’s watching over the opening ceremony speeches

Part of Team USA making new friends

2015 World Champion Races

It is just over 1 week until the 2015 World Ski Mountaineering Championships.  The athlets and the USSMA have been busy training and finalizing preparations for the races.  The final race selections have been made and all of our athletes are registered.  With the race assignment table below, you will be able to cheer on the athletes during the race week.

We will be posting daily blogs starting 05 February, so please watch for results and cheer on Team USA.


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